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    This is a review and comparison of the best rangefinders for hunting in 2022. You’ll find the best hunting rangefinders for the money, best long-range hunting rangefinders, best rangefinders for bowhunters, best budget rangefinders for hunting, and best rangefinders for both rifle hunting and bowhunting.Get more news about Golf Rangefinder Slope,you can vist our website!

    I break down each rangefinder on this list by the most essential hunting criteria so you can easily find the information you’re looking for.

    This post contains Amazon and other affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Of course, you are not obligated to use my links, but it does help fund these posts in hopes of bringing more value to you!
    Rangefinders will be able to pick up different objects at different ranges. For example, it is much easier for a rangefinder to pick up reflective objects than deer.

    Rangefinder manufacturers will often use the reflective range when they state how far a rangefinder will range, but be aware of this and make sure to check how far it will actually range on non-reflective targets. A good rule of thumb is about 50% of the reflective range.
    What Is Angle Compensation?
    Angle compensation is a mode in a rangefinder that automatically calculates the angle of a shot so that you’re on target every time. Without angle compensation, your shots can be incorrect. The steeper the angle the worse your shot placement will be without angle compensation.

    Angle compensation is a rudimentary calculation but is perfect for bow hunting and close-range rifle shooting (within about 400 yards).

    What Is Line of Sight (LOS)?
    Line of Sight (LOS) is the range to a target without any angle compensation. It’s just a straight line to the target without factoring in ballistics and gravity. This isn’t what you want for closer-range shooting because there is no angle correction.

    Angle compensation is a rudimentary measurement that works well to about 4oo yards roughly. Since angle compensation is rudimentary it will not work for long-range shooting because more data needs to be taken into consideration for precise long-range shooting.

    For this reason, long-range hunters shooters will plug LOS information into a ballistics calculator which will then compensate for the angle more accurately using more metrics.

    Are Cheap Hunting Rangefinders Worth The Money?
    I don’t recommend buying rangefinders under 150$, especially under 100$, unless you find a good deal or sale on a more expensive rangefinder. This is because under this price point you start to see pretty junky rangefinders. They often don’t have great build quality or they start to malfunction over time, especially in non-ideal weather conditions.

    Further, some cheap rangefinder companies will not have angle compensation and will only read Line of Sight (LOS) leading to inaccurate measurements for hunters. A good range finder will last a very long time, work reliably, and will save frustration in the long run.

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