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BYD Yuan Plus

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    December 4, 2022 8:06 PM EST


    The configuration of the flagship version has been further upgraded, the number of speakers has changed from 6 to 8, the adaptive high and low beam lights, the automatic anti-dazzle of the interior rearview mirror, and the number of millimeter-wave radars have also been increased to 3.
    Because of the blessing of e-platform 3.0, Yuan PLUS has a short front and rear suspension and a long wheelbase design to ensure a spacious and comfortable riding space in the car, so that when we enter the car, we will feel that the internal control field of this car is very large. In terms of ride comfort, the one-piece sports seats in the front row are very wrapped, the center of the rear floor is flat, and the middle seat has a headrest. As a result, the practicability and comfort of the middle seat are greatly improved. We can start a long trip with a full load of five people.
    Open the Yuan PLUS trunk, the floor space is flat, much larger than the previous Yuan and Yuan Pro. There is also a larger storage compartment under the cover, and the floor supports two-stage adjustment of height and height, and the compartment can be moved up and down, making the space partition flexible and practical. The rear seats support 4/6 ratio reclining, which further improves the loading capacity of the trunk. Therefore, this car can meet daily needs in terms of luggage space and home transportation.
    In daily urban road driving, the Yuan PLUS accelerates rapidly, but the power adjustment is still dominated by comfort, the power response is sensitive, the steering is light, and it is very flexible. The performance of the chassis is also very solid, the driving texture is very good, and the overall feeling is stronger. There will not be too much shaking when passing through road blocks or dense speed bumps. Greatly improved. The kinetic energy recovery is not particularly active, there is basically no sense of drag, and daily driving is very easy.
    ModelBYD Yuan Plus Flagship Edition-510km, Produced by BYD Auto Conforms to European Standards
    Body StyleSUV
    L&W&H (mm)4455脳1875脳1615
    Wheel Base (mm)2720
    Tire specifications215 /60 R17
    Motor power (kW)150
    Maximum torque (N路M)310
    Battery TypeThe blade battery(lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery)
    Battery Capacity (KWH)60.84
    (CLTC) (KM)510
    Maximum battery life (km)510
    0 ~ 100km / h acceleration time (s)7.3
    Maximum speed (km / h)160
    Support Slow charging7.63h-10.63h
    Support Fast charging0.5h to 80%
    Brake system (before / after)Ventilation disc / Disc
    Suspension system (before / after)Mcpherson independent suspension
    Rear suspensionMulti-link independent suspension