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Cleveland Indians Players Comment on Mos

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    December 4, 2022 7:17 AM EST

    Before the Cleveland Indians played their first game of two for Thursday's double header, the team tweeted out a video of Indians players' commenting on their "Most Amazing Moment". Here are some of the memories players have had:Lonnie Chisenhall :"My most amazing moment was when we clinched in Toronto to go to the Trevor Cahill Jersey World Series. We answered back so many times throughout the playoffs, where a guy would go down, we would be doubted, then we would prove ourselves. Once we were there it was the best thing I Lucas Duda Jersey have been apart of."Roberto Perez :"Last year in the World Series. Game One I hit two homers in one game. I was so excited, I was able to do that in front of my family. They don't come to the United States much but ya know having that day, they were there. To be able to do that in front of them was a special moment."Jason Kipnis :Scroll to Continue"It has to be the home run at Wrigley in the World Series. Everything went silent after that, including the crowd. Which was pretty cool for me because then they tried to do the 7th inning stretch right then and Ryan Goins Jersey no one was singing. I was able to enjoy it even longer"Andrew Miller :"I don't really tend to think of the things I do on a baseball field as special individually, I think the teams I have been on are what stand out the most. Obviously, we had a pretty special team last year. Willie Wilson Jersey The moment I think of from last year is honestly Rajai's homer. I know that game didn't go our way we didn't quite finish it, but I don't know if I have been part of such an exciting/ emotional swing of po sibilities is when Rajai hit that ball."Brandon Guyer :"I'm going to have to say that last year was probably the coolest moment. Coming to this team, getting through the postseason, getting to the World Series and playing in the World Series because not everyone can say that. Then going to Game 7, Raj's home run to tie it up has to be the coolest moment I have had Joakim Soria Jersey on the baseball field."Carlos Carrasco :"For me, it's every day. Every time when I come to the stadium I enjoy it, this is my family." If you would like to see the full video, see the tweet below.