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auto drilling and tapping machine for sale

  • December 1, 2022 7:38 PM EST


    Broken Tap and Drill Removal Machine

    Portable EDM XG-800W

    This portable EDM machine can fast remove broken taps, drills, bolts, screws, plug gauges, etc., without damaging to the work piece. And it can process on work pieces at any size, especially effective for large machine tools. What's more, the power box and the work head are seperated, so it can work in any direction.

    High lights
    鈭?Adopt imported linear bearing guide to work with stability and accuracy.
    鈭?Remove tap, pin, bolt, rivet, etc without damaging the hole.
    鈭?Use ordinary tap water as dielectric fluid.
    鈭?Use any copper / brass pipe or rod as an electrode.
    鈭?Adopt magnet chuck to work easily even on a large workpiece.
    鈭?Auto feed, depth setting (stop at a specific depth), selectable arcing timer, auto retrace, work-head swivel alarm message: depth arrival, arcing, over-temp.
    鈭?Light, small, portable, compact design.
    鈭?High speed, high efficience, low cost and simple operate.

    Main tech-specification
    Model: XG-800W
    Power: 800W
    Voltage: AC 220V
    power frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
    Remover capacity: 鈮?MM
    Servo stroke: 70mm
    Auxiliary stroke: >150mm
    Speed: 1-2mm/min
    Head: 220*70*85mm 6.7kg
    Control box: 380*230*230mm 18.4kg
    Packing size: 500*460*420mm
    Whole weight: 40kg

    1. Machine head
    2. Control box
    3. Small water pump
    4. Chuck handle
    5. Brass electrode bar (several)
    2.0mm 3.0mm 4.0mm 5.0mm 6.0mmauto drilling and tapping machine for sale