Top Tips and Tricks for EVE Echoes

  • Eve Echoes is a fantastic port of the classic sci-fi MMORPG, Eve Online, but like that game, it can get pretty complicated. That’s why we’ve created an Eve Echoes guide, with lots of hard-won knowledge we’ve gained from our time with the game. Whether it’s tips on getting started, buying and selling on the market, or using drones, our EVE Echoes ISK guide has a little bit of everything to help you out!

    The original Eve Online remains a terrific game, but it’s not much of a stretch to claim that, thanks to its many obtuse systems, it’s difficult to get into. That’s a problem that Eve Echoes doesn’t share though, as it has a whole range of tutorials for new players, giving advice on flight, combat, and leveling. But it can’t cover every single thing, and that’s why our Eve Echoes guide is so useful.

    Be polite in social interactions

    Being educated is something that you think about as you grow and being educated towards others is also aimed at yourself. Demonstrating your self-respect and dignity to manage your behavior will always instill respect in others for you, and this applies to this type of MMO social environment. Talking to someone politely, asking them before inviting them to a group and not doing anything harmful to other players will be noticed, your social and in-game status will improve and in a game like EVE Echoes, it matters.

    Being in a strong alliance is what increases the experience of the game to a completely different level and opens up possibilities unlike any other. But no strong alliance will not want even socially intrusive people among them, people who could pollute the experience for everyone or who could give the Alliance a bad reputation. So understanding the rules of behavior and always keeping in mind that you are playing with other real and living people is what will ultimately help you have a better experience.

    Tutorial for beginners

    EVE Echoes may be a mobile version of its predecessor for PC, but the game is no less intricate at all. In addition, it comes with its own set of mechanics, new features and other things all familiar or unfamiliar to former EVE Online players. Therefore, it is best for new or old school players to follow all the beginner tutorials in the game. You will learn a lot about the mechanics of the game, but for observers, this is an opportunity to learn a lot more about the game.

    It is known that NetEase, which brought the game to mobile phones, and CCP Games, the original creators, both have their ears close to the ground and are listening to feedback from players and the community. Therefore, the tutorials are designed with great care to improve players’ skills in the game and the game will also offer you a survey at the end of these tasks, so your opinion matters. Completing the tutorials will give you an edge and allow you to choose your further development path in the game more wisely. Whether you know it or not, EVE Echoes, like EVE Online, is a game of enormous possibilities and, unfortunately, a single player cannot absolutely try them all and you have to choose your path, so it is important to make a decision information.


    Getting a better ship is the name of the game, as logic says, but maybe getting the right type of ship for you is perhaps even more important. Each type of ship in the game has a different specialization, depending on the type, and you can buy them on the market.

    It is good advice to first familiarize yourself with as many different types and complexities as possible before choosing to buy one. There are six types in total and each one focuses on a different aspect, for the most part. The types of broader general ships are divided into six categories and these are:

    Frigate – smaller ships with particular attention to damage, but also to many other functions aimed at out of combat activities. They are not meant to be the first to run into battle because they are fragile, have a lower hold capacity and are smaller than other types.

    destroyer – larger than frigates, destroyers are also good damage dealers and are quite fast. However, they also have a higher level of resistance for fights, compared to frigates, but their disadvantage is that they are weak against battleships and cruisers, where frigates shine. In a broad sense, they are better for PVE than frigates, but not for PVP.

    cruiser – also have high damage, are larger than frigates and can contain a greater number of modules. They also have high mobility and are good in all situations, but do not excel in one particular. Sort of a: jack of all trades if you want.

    Battlecruiser – are located between battleships and cruisers, in terms of combat balance. They deal more damage and take less damage than cruisers, but have less mobility due to the size and weight of their armor.

    Battleship – slower than most, battleships focus on fighting for the most part, as suggested by their name. However, what is missing in other respects compensates for the long duration, the high firepower and the fighting ability in general. They can take a high amount of damage, also deal high damage and are rather the scary presence in a space battle.

    Industrial ship – unlike Battleships, industrial ships are focused on out of combat activities and are rather weak in combat. They are slow, they don’t really have any damage and they are not so many armor, but they are large and can contain huge amounts of load, which is where compromise comes into play.

    For a newcomer to the world of EVE, it is perhaps the best advice for a versatile ship, such as a battle cruiser or cruiser. Battle cruisers are much more expensive and you may need to really shine with your economic skills to get it in a reasonable amount of time, but it’s worth it. However, ships that specialize in only a few aspects are meant for the advanced stages of the game, when you have a well-developed infrastructure to cover their weak points.

    Ship statistics and equipment

    Touching and holding the name of a ship will provide you with the information you need and it is highly recommended to spend as much time as possible to get to know the ships that interest or own you. In addition, ships can be upgraded with different types of items. Different types of ships can adapt to a different amount of these enhancement items, and choosing the correct type of weapon is essential to increase the ship’s bonuses and align everything. For example, some ships increase the loading speed and damage of the rocket launcher, so equipping a rocket launcher is the way to go for most situations.

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