Pato of Exile: A Beginner's Guide to PoE Currency

  • Technically, it’s not THAT important. My meaning is, you don’t have to intentionally farm PoE Currency just to progress. There are many beginner-friendly and budget viable builds out there that can carry your character to late game bosses. Currency will come as you progress into the game, you do not have to worry too much about it but there are many method to earn currency that you might miss in the game.

    Start out by amassing your hoard. Don’t use your orbs for anything just yet. Focus on finding your build and how you want to play first. Worry about your equipment and gems later, when you’ve finalized your build. You can spend your orbs then.


    Near the endgame, players start crafting their own equipment. If you want to get in on it, you’ll need the following:

    Orbs of Transmutation

    Orbs of Chance

    Orbs of Alchemy

    Chaos Orbs

    Orbs of Alteration

    Regal Orbs

    Exalted Orbs

    Eternal Orbs

    Orbs of Scouring

    Divine Orbs

    Blessed Orbs

    A stock of Chromatic Orbs would also be good if you want to change the colors of the item’s gem sockets. At any rate, we’re not going too deep into crafting, because it’s a complicated affair that requires its own guide. If you search the steps, you’ll realize you’re going to need many of the above orbs. Start stockpiling early, so you don’t have to spend all of your reserves when you start crafting.

    Other Methods of Getting Currency

    There are a few methods to get orbs and other PoE currency consistently. They’re good for restocking after a session of crafting or getting enough orbs to buy that equipment you want.

    One is Delving. Get enough azurite to cap darkness resist and light radius for the low-level areas. Don’t use up all your azurite though, as you’re going to buy flares and dynamite too. When delving, try to find Fractured Walls in the darkness. That’s where you’ll find fossils, which can sell for up to 200 Chaos Orbs. However, that kind of price is only for the very special ones, and you’re more likely to find many that would sell for far less.

    Another method is to craft items for selling. Ask or look around for the more popular mods on equipment and make those. Otherwise, you can sell the service of crafting custom items or other services. You can look around certain public channels to find out which services are profitable or doable for you.


    Drops from the general plan and map.

    Set the individuals in your organization to give the ideal drop

    Occasionally make predictions, they will undoubtedly take place during mapping & some of them are of considerable quantity or helpful.

    Farmer LAB

    For important pieces on meta-protective cap or unsurpassed top pics.

    Maximum measurement of fate key.

    Exceptional environment

    There may be some open doors to bring cash to an unusual scarab or invasion reserve.

    Breach Research Room for running breech domains.

    Harbinger enjoys partner with high-level guides.

    DELVING (from cathegory A, point 2)

    Farm azurite to upgrade the stats of your crawler/equipment to get a comfortable delving experience. Go down to reach deeper levels and better chances of rare encounters. You should also try to look in each corner for fragile walls, and the Fossils they might contain. I would guess I made like 200 Chaos Orb just by selling fossils so far.

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