RPGStash POE Guide: Path of Exile Sentinel League is coming


    According to the latest news from Grinding Gear Games, the highly anticipated POE Sentinel League, the latest expansion of Path of Exile, will be released on the 13th of this month.

    Sentinel League

    Path of Exile Sentinel League introduces a new gameplay mechanic that significantly changes the way players build characters, earn POE Orbs, and manage an ever-expanding endgame. In League of Sentinels, players will fight alongside new mechanical partners in Wraeclast. These Sentinels can be found throughout the campaign and endgame.

    Sentinels' main goal is to empower enemies at the player's command, which greatly increases the difficulty of encounters, but also increases the potential rewards they drop. As the difficulty of the game increases, players also need to continuously enhance their strength to meet new challenges.

    Sentinels are divided into three categories

    The Stalker Sentinel has a red appearance and is capable of empowering enemies in turn as the player moves from one group to another.

    Pandemonium Sentinel is blue and can chain up a large number of enemies, but can only be used once per map.

    Apex Sentinels are yellow and can selectively enhance rare and unique enemies and cause them to drop larger rewards than usual.

    At the start of the league, there is only one Sentinel slot available for players to actively use, but you can unlock two more slots as you progress through the campaign.

    Sentinel Controller

    Controllers are a specialized passive skill tree that affects how Sentinels behave, which usually results in a larger overall bonus. Unlike other trees, however, the controller is very friendly to experimentation and dynamic strategies, as completely changing the tree does not cost any currency or any resources.

    Players can reach different nodes on the controller by connecting filament between any two nodes, while a power unit can activate a continuous line of filament to activate a series of nodes. This keeps increasing as you progress throughout the game.

    Sentinel Power Core and Assembly

    As powerful as Sentinels are, they don't last long. Each Sentinel can only be used a certain number of times, and once exhausted, they are useless in battle. However, you will occasionally pick up Power Cores, which are Alliance items used to assemble new fully charged Sentinels from other Sentinels' dry shells.

    Before players decide to join Sentinel League, they must be familiar with the game mechanics in advance, do more daily tasks, and improve the game level. If you haven't had time to accumulate more orbs, you can now Buy POE Orbs from rpgstash.com to quickly build your character.

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