Production Of Mochi Ice Cream Machine Products

  • Many customers who want to make ice cream always ask us, what kind of Mochi Ice Cream Machine is needed to produce rice cake ice cream? As a food processing plant, how should we start the production of hemp mo ice cream?

    For those who want to get involved in this potential snack production, what kind of machine is needed for the commercial production of mo ice cream? For many countries around the world, rice cake ice cream is still a new food. Not only production machines, but also recipes for making rice cake ice cream.

    Mochi ice cream is made of glutinous rice flour (mochiko flour) and ice cream fillings. It is very popular as a traditional Chinese snack. Mochi dough ingredients are automatically mixed and steamed in a modern Mochi dough cooking machine.

    With modern equipment and technology, it can automate the dough steaming process and make rice cakes in batches in a short time in commercial factory production.