Types Of Round Enameled Copper Wire

  • Round Enameled Copper Wire has different classifications due to its many types. According to the different conductor materials, there are several types of enameled wires:

    Copper-clad aluminum enameled wire: As a substitute for pure copper enameled wire, it has good high-frequency transmission performance and can be used in various high-frequency electromagnetic induction coils. It not only saves production costs but also has good welding performance, so it is all used for electronic coils. , Transformers, inductors, rectifiers, etc. Copper-aluminum enameled wire requires lightweight, high relative conductivity, and good heat dissipation during winding.

    1. It can be used as an electromagnetic wire in the high-frequency transformer, ordinary transformer, and inductance coil;

    2. It can be used as enameled wire for various household motors, automobile motors, fan motors, and micro-motors;

    3. It can be used as the enameled wire of the rotor coil of the micromotor;

    4. Used as a coil in audio and optical disc drives;

    5. It can be used as other special electromagnetic wires.

    Aluminum enameled wire: Compared with copper-clad aluminum, the density is lower than copper-clad wire, and the weight is reduced by 60%, which can save the cost of production materials.

    Pure copper enameled wire: It belongs to the traditional type of enameled wire, which is convenient for welding, stable performance, and has a wide range of uses, but the production cost is high. According to the different shapes, it can be divided into Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire and round enameled copper wire.