Round Enameled Copper Wire Has a Wide Range Of Excellent Qualit

  • Round Enameled Copper Wire is a winding wire with a round copper conductor, and the insulating layer is made of polyester (imide) and polyamide as the outer coating.

    The wire is a heat-resistant enameled copper wire with a wide range of excellent characteristics. The polyamide imide coating of the welding wire can ensure very good thermal durability and overload stability, as well as excellent mechanical wear resistance and a very low surface friction coefficient of the welding wire. In addition, it has excellent chemical resistance, such as alkalis, detergents, and impregnants, sealing materials, thinners, solvents, and refrigerants, including their vapors. In individual cases, special material compatibility may have to be tested. Bonding occurs after mechanical skinning by welding or direct connection, welding, or crimping.

    It is F-class hot enameled copper wire that can be directly welded. A special function of the welding wire is to achieve effective and safe welding through fast solderability at a tin bath temperature of 390°C or higher, without the need for mechanical dissolution of the coating in advance. It is also suitable for bonding techniques, such as welding, connection, and crimping, and meets the requirements of modern winding technology.

    enameled copper wire is mainly used in transformers, relays, contactors, electromagnetic coils, and small motors.