The Difference Between Round Enameled Copper Wire And Bare Copp

  • Do you need to make a coil and want to know which coil and electromagnetic coil is best to use Round Enameled Copper Wire or bare copper wire. 

    Electrical conductivity is a characteristic of materials, and since both copper and aluminum are conductors, there is no difference in electrical conductivity.

    What you might get is the resistance of the wires. For a given outer diameter, the resistance per unit length of enameled copper wire will be higher because of the smaller cross-sectional area of copper (the important thing is the diameter of the copper core, which is of course twice the thickness of the outer diameter).

    Of course, if the coil you wind has contact turns, the bare copper wire is a non-starter because the turns will short-circuit together.

    If you use bare copper wire, the current will flow directly through the adjacent coil and not through the loop. To make electromagnets, you should always use enameled copper wire, you can choose Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire or round enameled copper wire.