How To Peel The Enameled Copper Wire

  • Discussion on how to peel the enameled copper wire. For thick enameled copper wires, use a knife or a broken saw blade to scrape off the enameled leather one by one. When scraping, do not only scrape two sides, but carefully scrape around the circle without scratching the wire. This method is called scraping and removing paint.

    For thinner enameled wires, the wire will be scraped by the method of scraping and removing the paint. The method of removing the paint by fire can be used. During operation, the rotor assembly is erected and the wire ends are straightened. After the length is adjusted, the wire is clamped with pliers. Then use an alcohol lamp (can also be used for candles) to burn the wire on the peeled part, burn off the patent leather, and wipe it off with a gauze cloth after cooling. This method has high efficiency in removing paint, but it is easy to burn and break the wire if the operation is not mastered.

    For enameled copper wires with temperature resistance levels of 130 (B), 155 (F), and 180 (H), the enameled wire can be stripped with a special paint remover. This method has fast peeling speed, no corrosion to copper wire, and low odor.

    The principle of peeling Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire is the same.