400w Outdoor Ultra-thin Led Floodlight Is More Environmentally


    400w outdoor slim led floodlight can be used to build LED lighthouse, details are as follows:
    How many times have you seen the lighthouse sit on a roadside or construction site and operate during the day? People always think of an idea-why would someone waste fuel, wear equipment and pollute the environment unnecessarily?
    The "smart" 30-foot LED light tower provides "all-in-one" safety, efficiency and ruggedness.
    The device will automatically start and stop according to the surrounding lighting conditions, thereby saving fuel and reducing maintenance costs. If you plug the power supply into one of the two 20A power outlets, it will remain running-this is unique to EnviroLite design features. Four 400W LED flood lights (equivalent to 1000W MH) provide sufficient light and cover a large flood angle. Standard led floodlights are also provided. Fuel leak protection, high visibility paint colors, heavy trailers and canopies can withstand harsh field conditions, these are just some of the functions provided by the lighthouse.
    The LED tower light is an ideal choice for construction, mining, leasing, environment, and disaster relief companies; cities and counties that care about the environment and its bottom line and want its site to stand out!