Use Scene Of Ufo Led High Bay Light


    UFO elevated sheds are another common store lighting fixture, namely UFO LED High Bay Lightss. People sometimes call it "UFO" because it has a round light panel and a smaller driver on top. In any case, Hyperlite provides this affordable 100W high bay light. Because it has an output of 14,000 lumens, it is most suitable for medium-sized warehouses or garages. Similar to earlier products, the color temperature is 5000K, which has a natural daylight feeling.

    Since there is a small U-shaped hook on the top of the UFO elevated, we can easily hang it from the ceiling. According to the height of your workshop, if you need brighter and more concentrated lights, we can add an external hanging chain to reduce the height of the lamps. However, we will need to purchase the chain in other stores because the chain is not included in the package.

    Another important feature of this high bay lamp is that it has a good heat sink design. Heat dissipation is essential to keep the junction temperature of the LED chip in a low range. Dense heat sinks can provide a larger surface area for airflow. If the heat dissipation of the indoor lighting is poor, it will quickly go out.