Use Scene Of 100w Outdoor Ultra-thin Led Floodlight


    100w outdoor slim led floodlights 2 pack, 11,000lm super bright flood lights, 5000K daylight white light, IP66 lawn, sports field, paddock, volleyball court waterproof external flood lights (American standard)
    1. Ultra-high brightness and energy saving: led outdoor lights, 140 LED chips produce 11,000 lumens, and save 80% of electricity costs. Equivalent to 500W. Provide superb brightness and extra security for your playground, basketball court, swimming pool, backyard, front yard, driveway, entrance passage, parking lot, backyard.
    2. IP66 waterproof rating: Outdoor floodlight IP66 weather resistance rating, no matter in rain, snow, hot or cold environment, can ensure that the lamp works properly.
    Durable and durable: Our 100w LED floodlights are made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing and tempered lens. The innovative heat dissipation function can extend the LED life to 50,000 hours. This is about 13 years of lighting (10 hours a day).
    3. Easy to install: With the help of sturdy and adjustable SPCC bracket, outdoor led floodlights can be installed on the wall, ceiling or ground. A standard color cord for 120V AC is included in the United States. Black wire (hot), white wire (neutral) and green wire (ground). When installing, make sure that all wires are properly connected to the junction box.
    Note: The wiring of this outdoor searchlight complies with US regulations.