Advantages Of Push Fit Fittings


    The main advantage of push fit fittings is how they attach to the pipe. As the name implies, all you have to do is push the fitting on the end of the pipe. And with that, you have an instant connection. How is that possible? Inside the fitting are tiny barbs that grab and hold on to the surface of the pipe when it’s pushed on. Since the barbs go in one direction, they don’t allow the pipe to be pulled back out. Also, inside the fitting is a rubber O-ring that creates a watertight seal around the pipe.

    Another benefit of push-fit fittings is that unlike solvent fittings, they can be inserted on a pipe in wet conditions. This comes in handy if you’re repairing a leaky pipe or need to quickly cap a pipe. We should note that you still want to shut off the water supply when installing a push-fit fitting but you won’t have to spend time making sure the surface is 100% dry like you would if using glue.

    Finally, push-fit fittings can be used to join PVC, copper, and other types of plumbing pipes. So you can use them in many different circumstances and mixed materials.