How to Level Up in Swords of Legends Online Quickly

  • Need help with leveling in Swords of Legends Online? Are you stuck in specific areas? This guide is based off of leveling in Alpha, with various classes. You'll level up quick, and effectively simply by following this guide. Let's get right into it.

    Always do all the quests you can find

    Why should you do all the quests? In addition to the main quest, which leads you through all areas, there are also side quests in each area and, from a certain level, daily tasks (marked with a green question mark on the map).

    When leveling you should make sure that you accept and complete all quests as possible. Because in the course of the level process you come to a point in at least 3 places where you have to grind:

    Between level 23 and 25

    Between level 32 and 34

    The last piece of level 36

    There you get annoyed that you didn't do the low-level quests before.

    Use bounties, dungeons, and other tricks to survive the grind

    For some levels you will have to break out of the classic rhythm of the quests because there are simply no new quests that you can do. We have 3 tips for you for exactly these phases.

    Completing dungeons : The easiest way to gain experience points is to complete the “Cool Path” dungeon on the “Practice” level. It is designed for players from level 22 and can be entered in the “Weichuan Highlands” area.

    You can get help from fellow NPCs in addition to other players under “Enter Instance” in the interface. You have one of these at the beginning and get a second NPC in the process. With them you can run the dungeon at lightning speed.

    While the opponents still give XP at level 23, later from level 32 you use the slightly more than 10,000 experience points that you get for completing the dungeon.

    Defeating Bounties: A second effective way to gain additional experience points is to clear bounties on a daily basis. You unlock the bounties via “cultivation”, which we will go into in more detail later.

    The bounties can be defeated from level 20 and are therefore particularly suitable for the grind between level 23 and 25. But you can still do them later without any problems.

    Complete biographies: If you like stories and don't want to get to the max level so quickly, you can use the biographies for leveling. These are special story quests that tell many background stories.

    Pay attention to cultivation

    What is Cultivation? Cultivation is a kind of tutorial for the various contents of the game. Via this interface you can get tutorials on:

    the dungeons

    the content of the interface such as friends list or alliances

    life skills such as bounty hunting, the emerald lantern or fishing

    the biographies

    PvP, mini-games and housing

    The cultivations are imperative in order to learn the various contents. In addition, you have to complete them in a fixed order at the beginning, while weekly events are added later and several tasks can be completed in parallel.

    Do Biographies For Extra XP

    Biographies do give you ample amounts of XP. So if you are stuck and unable to continue until you reach a certain level, be sure to complete biographies.

    You need the max level for most of the content in the game

    Why is leveling so important? The level phase in Swords of Legends Online is almost comparable to a huge tutorial. Because most of the cool content is only available on Student 1, including:

    The difficulties normal, hard and extreme in the dungeons of SOLO

    All PvP content, including the arenas and battles in the open world

    The housing

    Many of the mini-games that SOLO offers

    New endgame areas and the final of the current story

    While we don't recommend rushing through the leveling process all the way through, the MMORPG definitely gets more exciting once you've reached the highest level. For some, this should be feasible in the course of the beta.

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