WoW Gold Classic Guide: Gold Farming Locations Level 1-40

  • It’s easy to have 100 gold by level 40 so you can purchase your first mount as quickly as possible. Check out our tips and tricks below for making enough WOW Gold Classic to purchase your first mount in Vanilla World of Warcraft / WoW Classic. Farming is important to bring in that early gold, so you can start investing and making several income streams.

    The reason most players start farming gold early on is to get their mount at level 40. Start out by doing what we covered in the previous part of the guide regarding bank alts, bag space, and professions. In my opinion, the best professions to get if you want your mount at 40 is Herbalism, Mining or Skinning.

    Level 1-40

    Before around level 25, there really isn’t much of a point in grinding anything for gold. Leveling should always be your main focus as the amount of gold you make in the first 30 levels or so is very little compared to what you start making later in the game. However, there are of course some spots that you can hit to be sure you can afford your level 40 mount.

    Loot everything

    As you journey through Azeroth, you’re going to kill a lot of monsters. Loot everything that drops. All gray items can be safely sold to a vendor. Any items with white or greater quality may be useful to players and possibly could be sold on the auction house (see step 2 below).

    Invest in Bigger Bags

    You have to spend money to make money. Buying bigger bags sooner rather than later will enable you to pick up more loot and thus more items to sell. Unfortunately, bags can be pretty expensive on the Auction House, especially for a new player. Don’t fret– there are a number of quests that reward bags. Make sure you complete these as you level!

    Gathering Professions

    If you’re trying to maximize your gold while leveling, your best choice of professions will be Skinning and Herbalism.

    Why Skinning? Skinning is incredibly easy to level up while you are leveling your character. The leather that you skin will almost always sell on the Auction House (albeit not for much, but hey– it’s free gold!). Even if you don’t want to take the effort to sell the skins on the Auction House, you can simply vendor them for a significant amount of extra gold.

    Why Herbalism? The herbs that you gather through Herbalism are used to create potions and flasks which are used at end-game for raiding purposes. The demand for herbs is constant and high– you will almost always be able to sell herbs for a good price on the Auction House.

    Tip: For players level 30+, try farming Fadeleaf and Wild Steelbloom in Arathi Highlands. For players 35+, try farming Fadeleaf and Blindweed in Swamp of Sorrows. All of these herbs sell for great money.

    Why not Mining? Mining is a viable profession for making money and absolutely a decent choice if you enjoy it. The ore gathered by mining has less demand on the Auction House and is therefore less likely to sell at a good price.


    Fishing is a common method for level 19 and 29 twinks to earn money if they do not have a main character to farm with.

    Stonescale Eels can be fished in many locations and often sell for upwards of 1 gold per eel. One spot that has a great yield of Stonescale Eel pools is Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris.


    Another option for making gold is to just grind. Of course, you can grind anywhere in Azeroth to sell the items you loot for gold.

    As you can see, farming gold in WoW classic has proven to be a hard and tedious task, and the last thing you want to do is burn yourself out trying to max out your gold per hour. Igvault will save you a bunch of time that you would can rather spend on yourself than on hours upon hours of gold grinding even for a first mount, let alone for an epic one. With the release of WoW Classic, you will be able to safely buy gold directly from the players with no additional fees using platform.