Learn These Things Before Buying Heat Press Machine


    In this Buyers Guide, we’ll cover the basics of heat press machine– the different types, features, and things you should consider when deciding which press is right for you.

      Let’s get to it!

      What is a heat press machine?

      A heat press machine (or simply “heat press”) is used to apply a printed transfer, heat transfer vinyl, screen printed transfers, rhinestones and more onto substrates like T-shirts, mouse pads, flags, tote bags, mugs, caps, etc, via the heat transfer process.

      To do this, the machine heats up the top platen, which is used to press the graphic/design material and substrate together, to a recommended temperature (the temp will depend on the type of transfer).

      The platens then hold the materials together for a set period of time under a set pressure; be sure to always follow the specific instructions for each type of transfer you apply.

      For example, sublimation on fabric will require a higher temp and “dwell time” while digital transfers from an inkjet or color laser printer will have a lower temp and a different dwell time.

      Today’s presses come with all sorts of options and features. Basic elements include press type (clamshell or swing-away), pressure adjustment (manual pressure knob or digital pressure readout), and manual or digital temperature controls.

    If you are interested in heat transfer foil, welcome to come and purchase!