We Suggest You To Use Digital Heat Transfer Label

  • The heat transfer label (DHTs) use the power of thermal energy to apply labels in a way that makes them stand up to all types of conditions better than traditional label application. They use the most modern digital technology and combine those benefits with those of label-bonding agents developed to be applied in a dry state and settle immediately in order to preserve the integrity of the label from the end of the packaging process to the end of the user’s need for the object in question. The digital images begin their lives looking sharper and clearer than standard printing, and the advanced adhesive formula and adhesion process allows the labels to retain their clarity for longer and in more difficult conditions. The label is also protected by an additional layer of clear lacquer to shield it from outside sources of wear such as people holding the container while searching for nutritional values. The union of clean adhesion, flexible labels, and sturdy protection make DHTs a more effective way to sell a product through label manufacturing.

    The process of DHT means that labels stay stronger for longer.   In the cases of food products, this may not mean much since their shelf life and subsequent home life don’t last very long in some cases. For more long-term products, though, this is incredibly valuable. Toys and electronics are required by law to come with various warning and identification tags, among other things. If these fall off or become damaged during the process of shipping, the product cannot be sold and is a loss. If the label falls off or wears down during in-store testing by consumers, the product is a loss. The product needs a strong label to remain viable in the marketplace. Quality printing is a sign of quality merchandise, and quality merchandise is the hallmark of a quality business.   With DHT printing, quality traces all the way back to the pre-shipping stages, which would comfort any consumer looking for the best items for the home, office, or family.