Do You Know Principle of Heat Transfer Machine?


    The sublimation process of heat transfer machine generally goes through three processes: before the transfer process, all dyes are in the printing film on the paper, and the dye concentration in the printed fabric and air gap is zero. The size of the air gap depends on the fabric structure, yarn count and transfer pressure; in the transfer process, when the paper reaches the transfer temperature, the dye begins to volatilize or sublimate, and forms concentration volatilization between paper and fiber, When the printed fabric reaches the transfer temperature, the dye adsorption begins on the fiber surface until it reaches a certain saturation value. The rate of dye transfer from the fiber to the inside depends on the rate of dye transfer from the fiber to the inside. In order to make the dye diffuse directionally, a vacuum is usually pumped under the bottom of the dye to achieve the directional diffusion transfer. After the transfer process, after the dye is dyed, the dye content on the paper decreases, and part of the remaining dye migrates to the interior of the paper. The amount of residual dye depends on the vapor pressure of the dye, the affinity of the dye to the paste or transfer paper and the thickness of the printing film. Generally, sublimation process does not need wet treatment, which can save energy and reduce the load of sewage treatment.
    Transfer printing is not only suitable for synthetic fiber fabrics, but also for natural fiber pure spinning and blended fabrics. It has the following advantages:

    No water, no sewage;
    The process flow is short, the finished product is after printing, and there is no need for post-treatment processes such as steaming and washing;
    Fine patterns, rich and clear levels, high artistic quality and strong three-dimensional sense, which are beyond the ordinary printing methods, and can print patterns of photographic and painting styles;
    In the sublimation process, the tar in the dye is left on the transfer paper, which will not pollute the fabric;
    High rate of genuine products, transfer can be printed multiple color patterns without flower;
    Flexibility, customers can choose the pattern after printing in a short time.

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