I like Madden 20 and MUT Coins

  • The boring "Madden 19 " is an inevitable destination for franchising in this generation of game consoles.

    The lack of competition has led to a series of frustrating stagnation. FIFA needs PES, NBA Live needs NBA 2K. Madden needs something to encourage improvement.

    However, the series itself caused people's pride in some way and achieved the second best result in our live performance.

    The original Xbox has the shadow of NFL 2K5, the Holy Grail of Madden , which will glow when playing games. It's not quite at that level, but it's closer than ever.

    In this generation, playing Madden from 14 to 20 is like watching a child take the first steps. Some coherent movements and some stumbling blocks.

    It seems that all the things Madden has tried to do in the past five years have finally come true, and everything else is Madden 20's alpha and beta. Last year, for example, it was said to include "real player motion, with more kinds of animation and more logical and coherent experience".

    Now that the farming mut coins feature is fully implemented, the running game is a viable option. In addition, the run through option can be selected at the end to ensure greater flexibility in the selection of the game.

    You don't feel booked when juggling, and your execution strategy is critical to success. Stiff arms and jokes work. However, this may be because the input frame data has been extended to make it easier to access.

    Overall, because statistics seem to be important, teams and players don't feel overwhelmed in the game.

    There is a group on the forum and Youtube that shares difficulties, options, and statistical changes to bring the actual game closer to the real experience.

    For the first time, I didn't need to spend three months trying to make the game valuable in terms of fidelity and excitement.

    The overall visual display is clearer, the graphics are more centralized and clearer. This is the third Madden game to run on the ice bite engine. The game was originally designed and designed for EA first person shooting games (such as battlefield wind and the National Anthem).

    Developers seem to have finally mastered Madden 20 coins and controlled the adaptability of shooting games. But without the strange click detection and character animation, it's not a Madden game, they still exist.

    Try to enter the story mode with "franchised face: QB1", which starts with creating your own quarterback and experiences some college football games with NFL combine and NFL draft.

    However, it has become a mediocre story experience under the limited freedom and choice, just more steps to become an excuse for "becoming a professional" mode.

    This mode also highlights why it's important for players to wear helmets, because character animation resides deep in the abnormal valley.

    What's more frustrating is that college football teams and stadiums are currently locked in this mode, unable to play regular exhibition games. This is the opposite of the shortcomings of Madden 20.

    During the 20 years of franchise, no obvious reason has been found for the implementation and deletion of the function, which only limits the overall package every year. Meme is that every Madden is just a roster update, but in fact, it's a roster update with the element removed.

    In Madden 20, restriction is a way to stop robot game calls. I mean, there are too many people playing Madden with robots, and there are only a few ways to play it. There are restrictions so that if there are restrictions, only X Games can be played in the remaining games.