Facts prove that Animal Crossing: New Horizons fake artwork is

  • The art of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has been in the game for more than a week, and players have noticed that these fakes may be more interesting than the real ones.

    The only reliable way to obtain artwork in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is to go to Red Rust's rusty fishing boat / art gallery for selection. Redd can sell counterfeit goods on genuine products without any problems, and he still believes in the principle of "buyers beware". In this case, thoroughly inspect each artwork to ensure that it is identical to the artwork in the real world. Of course, if you do n’t have much time to spend on it, you can also buy Animal Crossing Bells from IGGM, which will be more convenient. Of course, this is a very safe website.

    Until now, I only stared at the small visual words: Mona Lisa's non-existent eyebrows, the outdated shovel of terracotta soldiers, and the girl wearing pearl earrings closed her eyes. But with the rapid discovery of Twitter users, it became more and more strange. They are not so creepy. There are some strange things on the back of some fake paintings, such as the key that someone has lost. Or, we can use this sinister shadow character to return to the creepy state again.

    When you interact with it, certain forged artworks even exhibit special behaviors, such as this man-made ancient Japanese sculpture floating in the sky like a damn alien artifact.

    Although you need to sniff authentic art to complete the museum collection, now I really want to put this goal behind and start flooding the whole city with weird fake disguise. As long as my whole town is troubled by fake art as much as possible. Do you think my neighbor will mind? Haha, it doesn't matter, I am a resident representative-I can do whatever I want!

    If you need something wholesome to balance this weird art, you can sign up for the New Horizons weeding service operated by the player. If you need a tool for weeding, I suggest you buy Animal Crossing Items directly from IGGM. Their website will give you the best price, and you do n’t have to struggle to get it in the game.