The Path of Exile Delirium Patch is officially available

  • This expansion adds deadly new enemies and expands existing ones, adding a heavy layer of difficulty to the core battles of the Path of Exile. Delirium also introduced Cluster Jewels, which can further deepen character customization and unleash new power.

    "The Path of Exile" Delirium Patch Notes: Defeat Nightmares and Get Powerful New Items

    His latest Path of Exile expansion, Delirium, has brought players into the darkest corners of their hearts. Introduced corrupted jewels and new skills, while setting up a new set of tasks in a very evil mirror. Extensions have been officially launched, providing a crushing opportunity for players seeking greater challenges. When you need it, it will be fun to Buy POE Currency and equip yourself. Players on the Path of Exile have always wanted new content, so Grinding Gear Games needs to make it available to them. The Delicatessen Challenge will smash a fun time for players seeking something else, which will also increase their character talent. This patch doesn't seem to be aimed at newbies, but rather veterans who have already browsed everything. Nevertheless, the Path of Exile continues to grow due to content updates (such as Delirium).

    You will encounter Delirium mirror in each area. Touching this mirror will turn your reality into a mist and your nightmares will appear before your eyes. In the delusion, existing monsters in the area gain new skills and spawn new Delirium monsters. Many fans of The Path of Exile complain that the expansion of the Atlas Conqueror is too chaotic and encourages players not to complete the map for the best Atlas bonuses. This is resolved in "Delirium".

    The recipe for the return vendor should allow the player to undo the progress on Atlas and target the target farm implement. Conquerors are now deterministic in spawning, which makes it easier to progress through Atlas. Vaal and the Temple of Atzoatl have also received urgent attention to keep them synchronized with modern machinery and systems.

    At present, the latest extension is officially available on PC. As for ps4 and Xbox players, you may need to wait until next week to browse more related information, Buy Path of Exile Currency, please pay attention to