Path of Exile: Patch 3.9.2E Release Patch Notes

  • If you think video games are error-free, let us remind you of the following. No one is error-free or even a Path of Exile and success is usually a great precedent. Each patch and preset is outstanding, and players like what they see at least to some extent. However, the stop tag is almost the last option for Grinding Gear Games as they notice when changes need to be made. Therefore, patch 3.2.9E plans to make more adjustments. The update is expected to be released this week.

    "Path of Exile" is a free-to-play action role-playing game with a vast game market. It does not recognize any purchases or give any benefits unrelated to the role. Of course, there are also privately run POE Currency websites that can provide players with trading and Buy POE Currency and other activities. This is a game similar to Diablo, and its exploration and encounters make the game even more compelling. At least, that's the judgment of most players.

    Not all patch notes have been released, but developers have provided a complete overview of some changes. Having said that, there is nothing to explain here, but please see the preliminary patch instructions for 3.9.2E below:

    Path of Exile 3.9.2E Patch Notes

    You can now have Atlas impacts in areas that have already had the same impact in the previous "cycle."
    Added a notification when the wakeup target is complete.
    Wither monsters moving along the wither path will no longer be "angry" at players when they take damage.
    Added information hover in Atlas Inventory.
    Added reminder text in the "Minefield Support" stats for "Supported Skills add up to 4 additional mines". Minefield-supported skills and behavior have not changed.
    When pricing items in the Public Storage tab, the currency type drop-down list is now sorted alphabetically.
    Remove Guild Stash from Tarn Labs.
    catalyst quality or new impact types cannot be split using Bestiary recipes.
    Bloodstains outside Brutus Arena have recovered.
    Adjusted the position of the acid cave castle so that it is not partially hidden by UI elements.

    Others also include a series of fixes. If you want to know more about the Path of Exile update, you can browse on the official website of the Path of Exile and Buy Path of Exile Currency on, which will improve your Path of Exile experience and get higher efficiency.