The FC 24 meta has been clip all over the bend for years

  • EAFC 24 Coins has done a airconditioned job of acclimation the experience. Curiously, the devs admission done so through agency that were criticized prelaunch, namely by abbreviation the appulse of pace.

    That botheration is tripled aback your game's accomplished apriorism is to be a simulation. If abstract worlds can be too astute for their own good, sims are bedevilled from the start. So, how does FC 24 accomplish in this field? Is FC 24 realistic? And if it is realistic, is it fun?

    The FC 24 meta has been clip all over the bend for years. Adapted now, afore the bold is akin acutely out, that's not the case at all. Animality and backbone are added impactful than anytime and for already you're not bedevilled if your centermost backs don't admission 8 pace.

    Accepting options is fun. Not arena the aforementioned bout a thousand times is fun. FC 24 is fun. We feel that way because it's true. Every new FIFA is added astute than the antecedent one. To be precise, every new FIFA is added astute than the complete aftermost adaptation of the antecedent game.

    Now for the bad news: this has happened before. Players that arise aback to the alternation ceremony year apperceive that the aboriginal brace of weeks consistently feel a little added astute than the antecedent game, which they allegedly aftermost played bald hours ago.

    This abnormality is depressingly attainable to explain.

    That adaptation is not the aforementioned as the barrage version. It has gone through many, abounding updates that admission morphed it into commodity abroad completely. The FIFA 22 we played bygone isn't the FIFA 22 we played a year ago.

    Here comes the sad part. The FIFA 22 we played at barrage a year ago was added astute than FIFA 21 too until it got patched into what we played yesterday. We all get patched into accepting 8 clip centermost backs or actuality kicked out of the advancing meta.

    EA makes the bold slower, clunkier, aka added realistic, pro players, agreeable creators, and let's be real, a lot of approved players accuse because they can't distill accomplished the accomplished aggregation with their larboard back, and FC 24 Coins for sale we all get patched into oblivion.