Players who didn't make it into the TOTY in FC 24

  • Honourable Mentions are for the players who didn't make it into the TOTY in EAFC 24 Coins, but still stood out with their performances in the football year 2022.

    The good thing is that we got four of them as Objectives. That means we can get high-rated players just by playing the game. It's up to you whether they can find a spot in your squad or if you "just" use them for SBCs – but you should definitely get them. We explain everything in detail further down in this article.

    But at first we list all players who made it among the Honorable Mentions. Oh, and have you seen the new TOTY Icons? Absolutely insane: It is fair to say that the World Cup in Qatar was a decisive factor for the mentions this year. Seko Fofana is a CM/CDM with almost Gullit Gang Member stats.

    In addition to Argentina's World Cup hero Emiliano Martinez – who was an awesome goalie, no matter if it was in penalty shootouts or throughout the matches – Ritsu Doan from SC Freiburg and Azzedine Ounahi from SCO Angers also made it among the first released Honourable Mentions.

    The card looks really good and even has 4 Star Skills and Weak Foot. Of course, the club and the nation are not the most common. Still easily linkable via Ligue 1. Anyone who has completed the Winter Wildcards Baily SBC has a perfect link here and can be happy.

    In terms of value, the card is really nice and is also very well received with an upvote of 80% on Futbin. For the SBC, three teams (83s, 84s with Inform, and 85s) worth 140,000 coins must be exchanged. Most should therefore get away very cheaply by fodder in the club. We definetly recommend the card!

    Admittedly, things like "have 9 Argentinians in the starting XI" and "have 3 Moroccans in the starting XI" are a bit annoying because you can't do them at the same time. But actually, no one can really complain about these challenges when the players who we can get in the end buy EAFC 24 Coins are rated so well.