Tripping Of Log Splitter

  • Everyone knows that everything that uses electricity will always have some minor problems, such as electricity connection, tripping and so on. Today I will explain to you how to solve Log Splitter  always tripping.

       If the Log Splitter frequently trips, it is not a simple problem. At this time, you need to find professional maintenance personnel to detect and find the reason, and solve it by appropriate means. What are the specific reasons?

    1. If the circuit breaker of Log Splitter is not disconnected, first pull the load-side isolating switch. The arc short circuit occurs within the protection range of the circuit breaker, and the circuit breaker tripping can reduce the scope of the accident. After the circuit breaker is disconnected during a power failure operation, the load-side isolating switch must be opened first instead of the bus-side isolating switch. There may be two kinds of misoperations during a power outage, which should be avoided.
    2. Power supply problems can also cause the chipper to trip, so there should be no problems with the power supply itself and the wiring. Many new types of equipment now have automatic alarm systems that can promptly remind operators to repair them.

      If there is a tripping problem during the work of  Forest King Log Splitter, don't panic. First, stop the power supply to check the specific cause of the problem and solve it in a targeted manner.