The Role Of Bathroom Sink

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      There is no one size fits all cleaning product for Bathroom Sink maintenance. Metal, wood and stone sinks are sensitive to harsh cleaning products and require specialized care. If your new sink will be in a high-traffic bathroom or prone to soiling, choosing a sink that costs less to maintain is a wise decision.

      Some sinks on the market are very stylish, but the sleeker your sink, the more refined it will be. A high-traffic bathroom can be a hazard to a fragile sink, so if you're remodeling a family bathroom or kids' bathroom, a more traditional sink is a wise investment. Consider reserving that special item for a less-used powder room.

      A vanity bathroom sink, also known as a one-piece or one-piece sink, is a one-piece countertop with a built-in sink. They are usually made from a solid surface material such as granite, marble, porcelain, or quartz for a modern look and easy cleaning. Since they are made of countertops, you must know the exact size of your vanity if you want the right size. Countertop sinks are often an inch larger than the vanity they sit on, according to the Ferguson showroom. So, when you're measuring how much space your vanity needs, remember to round up.

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