How To Choose a Bathroom Cabinet

  •  The bathroom cabinet is indispensable in the bathroom. The bathroom cabinet can be divided into:

      1. Corner bathroom cabinet:

      If the goal of your bathroom remodels is to maximize floor space, a corner vanity is a smart choice, especially in small bathrooms. In a narrow 90° space, a corner vanity allows you to experiment with the rest of the room.

      2. Floating and wall-mounted bathroom cabinets:

      This type of dresser is mounted directly on the wall without the support of the floor. Without any legs, the open space below the floating vanity creates a sleek, modern aesthetic. Floating vanities are a great option for anyone looking to make a smaller bathroom feel bigger.

      3. Independent bathroom cabinet:

      Freestanding dressers are by far the most popular and familiar type of dresser. Resting on the floor and fastened to the wall for stability, these vanities provide ample space for cabinets and drawers. If storage space is a key factor in your decision, a freestanding vanity is worth considering.

      The style can be divided into:

      1. Antique and traditional cabinets:

      Antique vanities are "perfect for homes with designs such as old world chic, country, country, cottage, and ranch homes." If a well-worn vanity with gorgeous accents is right for your dream bathroom, an antique vanity might be the best choice.

      2. Modern bathroom cabinets:

      In contrast, the clean lines and simple design of a modern vanity are perfect for a contemporary makeover. Modern vanity units come in a variety of different colors and materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, and brushed nickel finishes.

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