The story of Animal Crossing: New Horizons revolves around the

  • On March 20, 2020, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was released to the public."ACNH" is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and, in my opinion, was a factor that greatly boosted sales of Nintendo Switch consoles during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. "ACNH" can only be played on the Nintendo Switch. By the end of the year 2020, "ACNH" had generated sales of nearly 700 million dollars and had sold more than 30 million units across the globe.

    • The story of Animal Crossing: New Horizons revolves around the protagonist's attempt to begin a new life on an uninhabited island

    • Timmy and Tommy Nook, two adorable raccoons, are introduced to you in the opening cutscene of the game

    • Both of them will assist you in establishing your island

    • After generating your own avatar and selecting the ideal island from among four different ones that were generated at random, you are finally free to begin your new life on the island as a carefree islander


    You will run into Tom Nook, a money-grubbing businessman who is also the father of Timmy and Tommy, while you are on the Island. Before you can proceed further in the game, Tom Nook provides you with a short list of tasks to complete, such as picking fruits from trees and gathering wood to set up your tent. Other tasks include exploring the area and talking to various characters. You are also provided with two random villagers, one of whom has the personality type of an athlete, and the other of whom has the personality type of a sister. After you have finished all of Tom Nook's pointless busy work tasks and given your island a name, he will all of a sudden present you with a massive bill. Because Animal Crossing New Horizons Building Plot Sizes is obvious that you do not possess any bells, which serve as the game's currency, Tom Nook has agreed to let you pay it off at your own pace.

    Regrettably, you won't be able to move forward in the game until you settle up with them. If you take the time to clean up your island, you will attract the attention of other important characters, such as the Able Sisters and Blathers. You also have the option to use an amiibo or "island-hop" to bring additional villagers to your island so that it can support a larger population. When you have Tom Nook's tent upgraded to the Resident Services building, he will invite a character named Isabelle to assist him in running the building. The only objective of this game is to construct your own island, though you are free to go at your own pace while doing so.

    My feelings toward Animal Crossing can be best described as conflicted. There are holidays, seasons, and monthly events that need to be decorated for, and there are also NPCs that will visit your island looking to buy or sell items. In addition, as a result of the most recent update to the game, which included the addition of a substantial amount of new content, players who haven't touched the game in a few months are starting back up where they left off.

    When it was first released, New Horizons had a strong addictive quality. Within the first year that I owned the game, I reset my file and began playing from the beginning approximately four times because I was getting bored with the fact that there was no real goal to work towards. You will not be able to proceed to the "endgame" until you have a five-star island and have the famous musician K. K. Slider come and perform there. It is a very laborious process because in order to do that, you need to have a certain number of things on your island, such as flowers, trees, fences, bridges, inclines, villagers, and buildings. Therefore, whenever I found myself becoming bored, I would start over. Obviously, I wouldn't recommend playing the game in this manner at all. Restarting is not something I would suggest under any circumstances. When you restart the game, you will lose everything, including your money, your achievements, and most importantly, your villagers.

    People go absolutely bonkers for the locals. There are approximately 413 villagers in total, which means there is sure to be a favorite and a least favorite among them. Raymond, a business cat with heterochromia, is a particular favorite of the fans in particular. This guy had a legion of devoted followers. Raymond was everywhere on Twitter for a good portion of the past year. This ranged from people starting fan wars over his popularity to people grinding for hours just so they might get the chance to invite him to their island.


    "Island-hopping" is the process of traveling to a smaller randomly generated island that is inhabited by a random villager by making use of a "Nook Miles Ticket," which is something that can be purchased with an in-game currency


    • You can buy tickets with "Nook Mileage Points," which you earn by completing simple tasks all over the island, such as fishing or catching bugs

    • These points can later be used to buy actual tickets

    • The concept of "island-hopping" may have some parallels to gacha games, in which players enter a competition without knowing in advance what rewards they will be awarded

    • The only thing that sets Gacha games apart from New Horizons is the fact that you have to pay money to play them, whereas you don't have to pay anything to play New Horizons

    • With the exception of the fact that you can spend money

    • on Raymond

    • You have the option of compelling a villager to remain on the island against their will or giving them permission to depart if they express a desire to do so

    • You also have the option of inviting a friend to your island so that they can transport the villager to their own island

    People who wanted Raymond to leave their island turned to eBay in order to sell him for a price that ranged from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. The fact that players had to pay for it is an even crazier revelation. Even though Raymond is the most extreme example of this, his village wasn't the only one that was affected by it. The New Horizons community was going through a difficult period during this time. To my great fortune, I haven't even heard a whisper of Raymond's name in months, and the main reason for this is something that I like to refer to as "the New Horizons drought."

    The "Happy Home Paradise" downloadable content pack, which requires payment to access, is widely considered to be one of the highlight features of the update. The player of "HHP" is given the ability to design a house taking into account the requirements of their village."HHP" is a lot of fun because not only does it give you the opportunity to interact more with your beloved villagers, but it's also just mindless fun. This is a great combination. Even if it's something as simple as a stupid minigame, I think mindless fun is something that a lot of games could benefit from having more of. People who have become bored with the games they love can, if they so choose, continue playing those games because this kind of content recreates the experience of playing the game while requiring much less effort from the player.