You can begin D2R quest Search for Cain in Act 1

  • In the beginning of your adventure in Diablo 2: Resurrected, you will find yourself in a location known as Stony Fields.  Here, you will find a variety of stones to pick up and use in various ways.

    Act 1 is where you can start the quest "Search for Cain," which requires you to collect these stones as part of its requirements.  You must use these stones to construct a portal that will allow you to travel through time and space in order to save Deckard Cain from Tristram and complete this quest.  No other way exists to do either of those things.

    Diablo 2 ladder runes for sale (view website) is unfortunate that you won't be able to use the stones as soon as you find them, but there aren't that many additional steps that need to be taken before you can use the stones.

    You will have an entire tunnel to clear out, as well as some enemies to eliminate, but seeing as how this is Diablo, you should find that challenge to be right up your alley.  You will find that you have an entire tunnel in front of you that needs to be cleaned out.

    In order for you to make use of the Cairn Stones, you will need to complete the following steps in the correct order.

    Because the treacherous foe Rakanishu and his followers stand between you and the Cairn Stones, you will first need to get rid of Rakanishu and his followers before you will be able to interact with the stones.

    • After everything else has been taken care of, you will need to read the Scroll of Inifuss in order to figure out the proper order in which to touch the stones

    •  This will allow you to complete the quest

    •  If you don't already have the scroll, acquiring one should be one of your first priorities because it contains important information



    You can get to the location of this scroll by going through the Underground Passage, which is also present in the Stony Fields region.  It is necessary for you to navigate your way through the cavern until you reach an entrance that leads to the Dark Wood.

    You should search for the Tree of Inifuss from this vantage point in order to locate it.  First, you'll need to deal with the additional dangerous foe that is keeping watch over this location, and then you can pick up the scroll that is lying on the ground.  You should make your way back to the Rogue Encampment and speak with Akara now that you have everything you require.  She will walk you through everything there is to know about the scroll, and once she has finished, you will be able to open the portal and save Deckard.

    After this point, everything should go off without a hitch because all that is required of you is to make your way back to the stones and then use them in the appropriate order.  After that, everything should go off without a hitch.

    After that has been finished, there will be a tremendous amount of lightning that comes crashing down from the heavens, and a doorway that leads to Tristram will open up.

    You are now responsible for rescuing Deckard Cain, who has been locked up in a cage for the time being.  If you put your mind to it, you should have no trouble defeating the more challenging foes that are located in the area around him.

    When you get back to town after rescuing Cain, you'll find that there is a new person you can talk to.  This person is available to speak with you.  The wonderful thing about Deckard Cain is that he will now identify items for you at no cost, which means that you won't need to use any of your Identity Scrolls.  This is a huge advantage over the previous method, which required you to use an Identity Scroll.  This is a significant advantage.  You won't need to rely too heavily on this feature because losing all of your money isn't really a problem in Diablo 2, but having it as an option is still a lot of fun to have.

    Deckard Cain will still accompany you to the desert even if you are unable to complete this quest before moving on to Act 2, but you will not be able to have your belongings identified there for free after that point.  If you do not finish all of your quests, you will be punished by this nifty little feature that Blizzard has included in this game.  If you do not finish all of your quests, you will be punished.

    Players will finally have the opportunity to travel back in time to a more straightforward era with the release of cheap D2 items Resurrected.  This is the time when the world of Sanctuary was ruled by demons and the Greater Evils roamed the land.  Even though some accessibility features and improvements to the game's overall quality of life have been added, all of the content from the original game has been kept intact in Diablo 2: Resurrected.  This is despite the fact that some of these features have been included.  Due to the fact that the first version of the game was released more than two decades ago, even veteran players may not remember all of the details despite the fact that the content has not changed.  In addition, because there was less "handholding" back in the day, some of the quest objectives might be a little unclear to new players.  This could lead to some frustration on their part.

    After you have completed the Den of Evil quest and the Sisters' Burial Grounds quest, Akara will give you the Search for Cain quest to complete.  Deckard Cain is widely regarded as the most iconic non-playable character (NPC) in the Diablo franchise, and this quest gives the player the responsibility of tracking him down.

    It is clear, as far as Akara is concerned, that we are up against a Malevolence that is difficult to understand, let alone vanquish.  There is only one Horadrim sage who is extremely knowledgeable about the most obscure aspects of history and lore and who might be able to guide us. . . His name is Deckard Cain.  To find your friend, you are going to have to make your way to Tristram.  There is no other way to find him.  I make it a point to thank God on a daily basis that he is still with us.

    Players will need to come up with an alternative way to get to the town of Tristram from the very first Diablo game because it is situated in such a remote region.

    At this stage in the narrative, the Cairn Stones start to become significant.  The Cairn Stones are located in the region that is commonly referred to as Stony Field.  We are unable to find the objective because the maps in Diablo 2 ladder runes for sale Resurrected are generated at random.  This is the reason why we are unable to find it.  Before you can find it, you are going to have to put in a significant amount of effort into running around the Stony Field area.  When you make it to the Cairn Stones, a particularly dangerous Carver adversary named Rakanishu will be waiting for you there.  After that, a lot of players are probably going to be wondering how they can activate the Cairn Stones, which will ultimately open a portal to Tristram and allow them to save Deckard Cain there.  If they do this, the Cairn Stones will be activated.