What Is a Voltage Transformer

  •  The basic structure of the voltage transformer is very similar to that of the transformer. It also has two windings, one is called the primary winding and the other is called the secondary winding. Both windings are mounted or wound around the iron core. There is insulation between the two windings and between the windings and the iron core so that there is electrical isolation between the two windings and between the windings and the iron core. When the voltage transformer is running, the primary winding N1 is connected to the line in parallel, and the secondary winding N2 is connected to the instrument or relay in parallel. Therefore, when measuring the voltage on the high-voltage line, although the primary voltage is high, the secondary is low-voltage, which can ensure the safety of operators and instruments.

      1. According to the installation location, it can be divided into the indoor type and outdoor type

      35kV and below are mostly made into indoor type; 35kV and above are made into outdoor type.

      2. According to the number of phases

      Can be divided into single-phase and three-phase types 35kV and above can not be made into three-phase type.

      3. According to the number of windings

      It can be divided into two-winding and three-winding voltage transformers. In addition to the primary side and the basic secondary side, the three-winding voltage transformer also has a set of auxiliary secondary sides for grounding protection.

      4. According to the insulation method

      It can be divided into dry type, pouring type, oil immersion type, and inflatable type.

      Dry-type voltage transformers have a simple structure, no fire and explosion hazards, but low dielectric strength, and are only suitable for indoor installations below 6kV; cast-type voltage transformers are compact in structure and easy to maintain, suitable for 3kV ~ 35kV indoor installations Power distribution devices; oil-immersed voltage transformers have good insulation performance and can be used in outdoor power distribution devices above 10kV; gas-filled voltage transformers are used in SF6 fully enclosed electrical appliances.

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