The basic knowledge you need to learn about Sf6 gas filling equ

  • Sf6 gas filling equipment can refill SF6 gas by overpressure. It is mainly used in GIS, PCB, SF6 ring network cabinets, and SF6 gas-filled transformers in high-voltage equipment in the power industry that uses SF6 gas as the arc extinguishing medium, to realize the recovery, inflation, and air supply of the equipment body, and ensure the operation of the equipment. Safety and reliability. The inflatable tube of the sf6 gas filling complete set has self-sealing valves at both ends and is filled with SF6 gas without vacuuming.


    The sf6 gas filling equipment includes the inflatable pressure relief valve connected to the SF6 gas cylinder and the special inflatable pipeline for SF6. It can be paired with various transition adapters of different specifications to realize the recovery, inflation, and vacuuming of the SF6 gas with the air chamber of the equipment body, and can ensure inflation. After the completion, the pressure of the air chamber reaches the set requirements, the control precision is high, the manpower is saved, and the inflation efficiency is high; at the same time, during the inflation process, the air circuit can be switched on and off, and the flow rate can be adjusted to ensure stable inflation; it is convenient, Flexibility, simple operation, stable, reliable and safe use.