A introduce of QTHS Series SF6 gas recycling equipment

  • QTHS Series SF6 gas recycling equipment is an integrated recovery device,
    including a vacuum system and compression system, purification system, storage system, and condensation system. The SF6 gas recovery and purification inflatable device is used in the manufacturing plant of SF6 gas insulated electrical equipment and is used in operation, scientific research, and other departments.
    1. Adopt advanced principles and technologies of foreign companies, advanced design, complete functions, reasonable structure, and simple and clear operation.

    2. The compression system adopts the semi-hermetic compressor with foreign compression technology, which has stable performance and long service life.

    3. The vacuum pumping system adopts a two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, which has a fast vacuum rate. The system is equipped with a device to prevent oil from returning.


    Five advantages

    1. Wide range of applications.

    2. Full-featured and powerful.

    This device has comprehensive functions such as recycling, charging and discharging, purification, vacuuming, and storage.

    3. comes with a phase sequence protector.

    The electrical control system is designed with a phase sequence protector. When the phase is missing, the power supply is cut off to protect the compressor. When the phase is reversed, the power supply has no output. You can manually adjust the positive phase sequence to completely prevent the compressor from reversing.

    4. kinds of instrument monitoring functions.

    5. Various protection functions such as pressure protectors are installed at the compressor discharge port.