How to Level Up in League of Legends 2020

  • Players often wonder how to level up fast in League, usually when thinking about creating a new LoL Account . Leveling is a tedious process, but at the same time necessary to reach level 30, which we need to start playing ranked games.


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    At lower levels, other players can be incredibly bad regarding skill in game. Most low-level players have never played the game before and frankly, don’t have a clue what they are doing.

    There is also the problem of players that have terrible computers and internet which can cause major disruptions to a game. Players going AFK for 10 minutes or leaving the game altogether means you are left with a 4 vs. 5 scenario and are almost guaranteed a loss.

    By playing against bots, you can avoid some of those awful players which should definitely increase your chances of winning the game. To follow this strategy, most players pick the co-op vs. beginner bots mode and look to finish the game as soon as possible.

    The whole point of this strategy is to become fed as quickly as possible and take down that nexus in record time. By destroying bots in game, you will be able to finish the matches much faster compared to normal games, making this one of the fastest ways to level 30.

    Make sure your games last longer than 8 minutes, though. If your games are too fast then, a penalty will be imposed which means less XP. Think of this as a bare minimum time. Compare this to normal matches that can regularly last over 30 minutes, bot games are a fast way to power you to level 30.


    There's plenty of people out there who would be happy to boost your account for you, and why not? They get to play the game they love, and make money while they're doing it. This is a matter of how much you value your time though, if you're a highschool student then 5 hours a day grinding doesn't seem too bad, but if you've got a part time job then sacrificing a little bit of money will be worth it in the long run.

    Be careful who you trust though, not every booster is credible and many unfortunate players have found themselves down 10$ and without an account. You can usually determine if a booster is safe by doing a few minutes research on Google, but when in doubt it's best to avooid.

    Many boosters will be happy to live chat with you too, and keep in constant touch about the status of your account. If you feel as though you might want to go a little further, perhaps get that much sought after Victorious skin, then they can help you with that too! Naturally you'd have to pay a little more, but that's to be expected.

    Many people seem to keep boosting past 30 though, which seems silly to us since they won't get any benefits, but I suppose they do it for the same reason people pay someone tons of cash to get them to Diamond - bragging rights.


    Picking the right champion can help increase your chances of winning and leveling up. Consider choosing a champion that is strong in the current meta.

    Garen is the best champion for beginners due to its ability to passively gain lost health. It forgives mistakes and allows you to stay in the front line for long. Apart from Garen, you can also try Dr. Mudo, Nasus, Malphite, Rammus, Skarner, Amumu, Udyr, Annie, Jax, and Singed.

    You don’t have to stick to one champion as you level up. Every champion is different and has different abilities. Trying several champions when playing against bots can help you get the one that suits your playing style.

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