Two Wonderful Astrologian Weapons In FFXIV

  • There are many unique and beautiful Astrologian Weapons in FFXIV, we need to use different weapons to face different enemies, get FFXIV Gil, and the appearance of different weapons has different beauty. Now I'll introduce you to two powerful Astrologian Weapons.

    Albireo Eureka: Eureka Relic Weapon
    Relic weapons are unique in that they all take a long time to hone. Eureka Relic requires you to do a lot of physical work inside Eureka, and if you can stand the time lapse, this weapon still looks cute.

    If you put in enough time and effort, you'll get a lovely, high-sounding Astrologian Weapons in silver, gold, and dark blue. The atomic model style fades between purple and blue. Compared to other weapons, this weapon is relatively small, but it is still very delicate. So many players have paid a lot of effort for him.

    Byakko’s Enspirited Ephemeris: Byakko Extreme
    Astrologian Weapons seems to like a mix of blue, silver and gold, and this one is no exception. What makes Byakko weapons different is that their particle effects are very dazzling. As long as you swing this weapon, a white ring will appear above it, spinning constantly, which is very likeable.

    There is a special effect of lightning at the bottom of this weapon, which crackles. There are numerous ink splatters and a stripe running along the edge of the weapon, slowly darkening and fading on one side before appearing on the other.

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