Know Model Selection Method For Rubber Extruder Machine

  • When choosing a rubber extruder machine, we must choose according to the size of the product. The maximum extrusion capacity of rubber extruders of different models is different. The types of rubber extruders are classified according to the diameter of the screw, that is to say, the larger the screw diameter of the rubber extruder, the greater the amount of rubber processed by the extruder screw during production. Thus, the extrusion pressure of the rubber extruder at the die and the amount of rubber extruded are also increased. However, it does not mean that the larger the type of rubber extruder selected, the higher the output of the product. The rubber extruders that are suitable for rubber product extrusion when different rubber products are selected are not the same. For example, extrusion of a small product with a large rubber extruder can result in excessive pressure on the rubber extruder die and damage to the equipment. For example, if a small rubber extruder produces a relatively large rubber product, the production efficiency of the product may be low or even the product may not be extruded. Therefore, we must choose the model of the device according to the product. Our common rubber extruder models are Type 45 Rubber Extruder, Type 65 Rubber Extruder, Type 75 Rubber Extruder and Type 90 Rubber Extruder. The following models of Type 65 rubber extruders are often referred to as small rubber extruders. For rubber extruders of type 120 and above, we are called large rubber extruders. Whether it is a large rubber extruder or a small rubber extruder, the types of products usually produced are not common, and are often used in custom products or in the production of special products. When it comes to the production of waterstops on engineered rubber, tire treads, etc., we all use 150 type rubber extruders or even larger rubber extruders. Therefore, we must combine the actual situation when choosing a rubber extruder.

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