We Provide A Summary of Rubber Extruder


    The rubber extruder machine plays the role of extrusion molding when producing rubber products. We need to choose the type of rubber extruder according to the type and characteristics of the product during production. No matter what kind of rubber extruder is in production, the rubber is sheared, compressed and mixed by the screw in the barrel. Therefore, the barrel and screw of the rubber extruder play a very important role in the entire equipment. Generally, the screw of a rubber extruder can be divided into three processing sections, and each processing section plays a different role in the production of rubber products.

    The section after the rubber enters the barrel through the feeding system is generally only used for preheating and conveying in the entire screw section, so we call this part of the screw as the conveying section, and the length of this part is about the entire screw length. One third of it. The rubber passes through the conveying section to the middle part of the screw. The rubber is compressed and mixed by the screw in this part to complete the final plasticization process in this part, which means that the processing of the rubber before molding is done here. , So we call the middle part of the screw the straight processing section. The processed rubber is continuously conveyed forward with the rotation of the extruder screw, and finally conveyed to the forefront of the screw for rubber measurement. The metered rubber is delivered to the die to form a stable extrusion pressure and extruded into the product shape we need.

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