Do You Know Structure of Rubber Extruder Machine

  •   The structure of rubber extruder machine is usually composed of barrel, screw, feeding device, die (mouth), heating and cooling device, transmission system and other parts.

      1, barrel

      The barrel cooperates with the screw during work, so that the rubber material is subject to the interaction of the inner wall of the barrel and the rotating screw to ensure that the rubber material moves and mixes under pressure. Usually it also plays a role of heat exchange.

      2, screw

      The screw is the main working part of the extruder. It generates enough pressure during work to make the rubber material overcome the flow resistance and be extruded. At the same time, the rubber material is plasticized, mixed and compressed, so as to obtain a dense and uniform semi-finished product.

      3, the nose

      The machine head has different functions and structures for different extrusion processes (such as pressing, filtering, mixing, granulating, etc.). For the die of the compression extruder, its main function is to make the rubber material change from spiral motion to linear motion; make the rubber material in the barrel generate necessary extrusion pressure before extruding to ensure extrusion The semi-finished product is dense; the rubber material is further plasticized uniformly; the extruded semi-finished product is formed.

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