We Introduce Microwave Continuous Vulcanization of Rubber Curin

  • Vulcanization is process of converting natural rubber or rubber polymers into more durable and mechanically strengthens rubber by the process of mixing sulfur and processing. This process results in changing the cross-linking bonds within the natural rubber and making bonds more strong and non-sticky. Vulcanization curing is achieved by heating the natural rubber or rubber polymer at very high temperature along with sulfur or any other agent, such high level of temperature rise results into changing of bond within the rubber and resulting in non-sticky, maker it lesser deformable when heated, and removes the brittleness this helps rubber to achieve the desired level of elasticity.

    Continuous vulcanization curing process of rubber curing oven is most common process used for variety of application. In the process Continuous Vulcanization curing rubber and accelerator is put under high temperature and pressure, this mixture is passed through the continuous heating line during the process, some of C-H bonds are replaced by chains of sulfur atoms that link with a cure site of another polymer chain. These bridges comprise amongst one and eight atoms. The number of sulfur atoms in the crosslink strongly determines the physical properties of the final rubber article. Short cross-links give the rubber better heat resistance. Desired level of heat can be maintained by hot air heaters or microwave heaters.

    Microwave heaters have proven their self better than conventional hot air heating process. In the process of continuous vulcanization when curing package is placed within the microwave heaters then as compare to hot air heaters, microwave acts very quickly by directly targeting inner moisture content within the rubber and this helps in achieving quick results. Few of the other advantages those microwaves based continuous vulcanization curing oven offers over conventional continuous vulcanization curing oven are as follows:

    1) Higher rate of heat transfer

    2) Faster processed out

    3) Better quality of heating

    4) Compounds are formed properly

    5) Microwave heaters are compact as compared to conventional heater

    6) No wastage of energy

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