Know The Reason Why The Main Motor of the Rubber Extruder Can N

  • The main motor of the rubber extruder machine cannot be started due to:
    (1) There is an error in the driving procedure.
    (2) There is a problem with the main motor thread, and whether the fuse is burned out.
    (3) The interlocking device related to the main motor works.

    The processing method is:
    (1) Check the procedure and restart the car in the correct driving sequence.
    (2) Check the main motor circuit.
    (3) Check whether the lubricating oil pump is started, and check the status of the interlocking device related to the main motor. The oil pump cannot be turned on, and the motor cannot be turned on.
    (4) Check whether the emergency button is reset.
    (5) The inverter's induction current has not been discharged, turn off the main power supply and wait for 5 minutes before starting.

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