Know Operating Principle of Small and Medium-sized Epdm Extrude


    The epdm extruder plays the role of extrusion molding in the production and production of the product. It can be said that the extruder is very important in the production and production of the product. Extruders are fully classified according to the diameter of the extruder screw, so each type of standard extruder has an extrusion category that is most suitable for product extrusion.

    We call extruders below the 65 type standard as small and medium-sized extruders. Small and medium-sized extruders are often used to produce smaller products. For example, cables, sealing strips or decoration planning strips used on some furniture. When we produce this product, we must select the appropriate type of machinery and equipment standard for the production of the product according to the size of the product. The most common type standards for small and medium-sized extruders are 30, 45 and 50 extruders.

    Before production, we need to start mixing and open-refining production and processing. We cut the produced and processed pieces into a width suitable for the extruder to be able to start production. Before the extruder is produced, the temperature must be raised according to the temperature control equipment. When the temperature of the machinery and equipment rises to all our necessary temperatures, the machinery and equipment can be operated and the feeding system software can be filled.

    According to the production and processing of the extruder screw of the extruder, a forward extrusion working pressure is generated at the extruder's barrel. Under the effect of this working pressure, we expand the outside of the barrel according to the mouth shape. Expand into shape. In addition to the immediate use of product extrusion molding, small and medium-sized extruders are generally used as auxiliary molding equipment for composite products.

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