Choose a Manufacturer of Epdm Extruder

  • For the epdm extruder, we must choose according to the material of the product when we choose. Common extruders can be divided into two types: plastic extruder and rubber extruder. We choose the type of extruder and the required equipment configuration according to the material and model of the product. Generally, we let the extruder manufacturers formulate product production plans based on the products they intend to produce. This includes the technical parameters, functions, and specific configuration and requirements of the entire production line. Of course, it also includes the quotation of the equipment.

    We choose which equipment is more suitable for the production of our products according to the textual plastic given to us by the equipment manufacturer, and then choose the cost-effective equipment to go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection. When we consider equipment manufacturers, we mainly look at the production site of the equipment, the quality of the workers and whether the equipment configuration conforms to the textual plastic. The most important point is to look at the comprehensive strength of the equipment manufacturer. When we choose an extruder, we should not only choose the extruder equipment, but also consider the subsequent equipment installation, after-sales service, and subsequent supply of accessories. Therefore, we must carefully choose the manufacturer when choosing an extruder.

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