Analyze the Types of Multifunctional Fabrics

  • The origin of the multifunctional fabric in France and its naming is also related to the University of Oxford in France. Both its functions and uses are by far a relatively wide range, and its types are also relatively large.

    The color of the multifunctional fabric looks softer and has good air permeability. It is relatively hygroscopic, easy to clean, and easy to dry, and its color is also very bright, there are many patterns, and it is not easy to lose color. It also has good elasticity and can be exposed to wind, sun and rain. And because most of the multi-functional fabrics are formed by interweaving polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn, it gives people a comfortable feel and gloss.

    In contrast, nylon has better abrasion resistance, stress, colorfastness, gloss, etc. than polyester, and the abrasion resistance is almost the same, but the price is much more expensive than polyester multifunctional fabrics, so most people still Choose polyester multifunctional fabrics, economical. In the field of casual clothing, multi-functional fabrics are used more frequently. They are generally used for professional outdoor sports and are suitable for professional tents in extreme environments such as high mountains, plateaus, and snowy mountains.

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