Three Reasons to Choose Oxford Luggage

  • Oxford fabric is a versatile and versatile fabric, and it is also one of the commonly used materials for luggage customization. The luggage products made of Oxford fabric have always been favored by consumers.

    First of all, it should be attributed to its wear-resistant and durable characteristics. Because the Oxford fabric is strong and compact, it is very wear-resistant and durable during use, and will not easily be damaged. The Oxford fabric is strong and will not appear due to long-term use. Deformed state, therefore, the luggage products made of Oxford fabric can still maintain their original appearance after long-term use.

    Secondly, due to the fabric material, the expandability of Oxford luggage is much better than that of hard shell materials, which can accommodate more items.

    Generally, Oxford fabric has no strength, is not waterproof, and is not lightfast. The combination of PVC coating and Oxford fabric has achieved the characteristics of industrial Oxford fabric, making Oxford fabric more useful. Oxford fabric coated with PVC is not only more durable, but the fabric also has good resistance to various chemicals and has relatively low requirements for the use environment. It will not easily be damaged or scratched in a poor quality environment. It can be used in a variety of environments. among.

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