Compare the Difference Between Different Coated Fabrics

  • The coated fabric is a kind of fabric that has been treated with a special process to form a uniform layer of covering rubber on the surface of the fabric, thereby making the fabric more waterproof and windproof. There are many types of coated fabrics for luggage on the market, such as PA coating, PU coating, PVC coating, PE coating, etc. What are the differences between PU and PVC coated fabrics in luggage fabric?

    There are two PU polyurethane coatings in the luggage: PU white glue coating and PU silver glue coating. The basic performance of PU white glue and silver glue coating is similar to that of PA coating, but PU white glue and silver glue coating feel fuller, the fabric is more elastic, and the fastness is better, and the PU silver glue coating can withstand high water pressure, and PU coating has moisture permeability, ventilation, abrasion resistance, etc., but the cost is high and the weather resistance is poor.

    Compared with PU coating, the bottom fabric of PVC coating is thinner and cheaper, but PVC coating film is not only toxic but also easier to age. More importantly, PVC coating feels better than PU coating. And the fabric is still relatively hard, if it is burned with fire, the smell of PVC coated fabric is much greater than that of PU coated fabric.

    In addition to the difference between PU and PVC coated fabrics in luggage and bags, the feel and taste are different. Another point is that the PU coating is generally leather, while PVC is glue.

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