Terminology in the fabric industry


    Every industry has its own language, which is generally called Terminology. Similarly, the fabric has its own language and its own Terminology.

    1. Color

    Whitening, special black, milky white, scarlet, purple, purple, green, gray, jade, yellow, khaki, snow green, bronze, plum red, dark green, bean green, navy blue, sky blue, pink, beige, orange, camel.

    2. Quality standards


    3. Testing standards

    Colorfastness, dimensional stability, appearance durability, tensile strength, tear strength, seam slippage, pilling resistance, abrasion resistance, water repellency, water resistance, fabric density, yarn count, gram quality, etc..

    4. Fabric types

    There are plain weave, twill weave, satin, silk, jacquard, burnt-out, pongee, plaid, sliver, double layer, two-color, Huayao, chiffon, georgette, stretch fabric, denim, Oxford cloth, canvas, polyester cotton, polyester twist, white strip spinning, black strip spinning, hollow tooth spinning, washed velvet/peach skin, card tan velvet, crepe velvet, glass yarn, etc.

    5. In terms of raw materials

    There are polyester, nylon, acetic acid, cotton, rayon, rayon, artificial silk, real silk, spandex, filament, staple fiber, black silk, cationic, triangular-shaped yarn, air textured yarn, ultrafine fiber, fully drawn yarn, Pre-oriented yarns, stretched textured yarns, drawn twisted yarns, etc.

    6. In terms of fastness

    These classifications are very complicated. It is only one of the color fastnesses, including soaping color fastness, rubbing colorfastness, light fastness, perspiration colorfastness, water staining colorfastness, chlorine bleaching colorfastness, etc.

    7. Price error

    When purchasing fabrics, there will be shortcodes and gaps. Generally, shortcodes will appear when buying woven fabrics, and gaps and paper tubes will appear when buying knitted fabrics.

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