Your Checklist For Commercial Bakery Equipment

  • Are you expanding your bakery business, opening a new bakery business or even just replacing old and damaged equipment and suddenly realised that there are several things you still need to do, such as choosing the right baler equipment? Luckily, there are many bakery equipment suppliers in South Africa that can assist you by supplying and installing the equipment. Now you’re faced with your next problem - where do you even start?

    To assist you, we’ve compiled a basic list of bakery equipment that will help get you up and running in no time: (Information source:

    Baking Ovens

    How does one bake without an oven? For any bakery, the oven is one of the most basic, but core, pieces of equipment. To choose the right type, have a look at how much production you carry out and what kind. These aspects will make it easier for you to choose one. Bakery equipment suppliers will typically offer you the following different oven makes:

    1. Deck Ovens: These are used to bake specific types of bread and take up a large amount of space.
    2. Revolving Ovens: This oven contains revolving trays that create perfectly baked goods, which is why they are more expensive.
    3. Convection Ovens: These are the most popular, as they are efficient and allow for even-baking.
    4. Roll-in Rack Ovens: This oven is the most efficient, as it can bake a full rack of goods in one go.

    Mixers: When we talk about bakery equipment for your business, purchasing a mixer is crucial. For baked goods to be of top-quality, dough preparations need to be done using a mixer. Bakery equipment suppliers offer mixers in a wide range of sizes, depending on the clients’ needs. You can always increase the number of units of the equipment according to your requirements.

    Dough Dividers & Dough Sheeters: As the name suggests, dough dividers refer to bakery equipment that separates or divides large quantities of dough into equal portions. This is done so that they can produce the same portion of baked goods, such as pizzas or pies. Dough sheeters are utilised to spread out balls of dough into the desired thickness and size, which allows for similar results as achieved by the dough divider. Both pieces of equipment encourage consistency amongst the baked products and largely eliminates inefficient use of time and labour. Dough dividers and sheeters are perfect for bakeries that work with large productions daily.

    Display Cases: Display cases are also a part of this list, as many bakeries make use of a display section to sell their baked goods. Depending on your products, you have the option to choose between refrigerated and non-refrigerated bakery display cases. The design of the display case can also change depending on how you wish to sell. You can opt for a design that lets you serve from behind the display or one that allows for self-service.

    The success of your bakery is greatly affected by the quality of bakery equipment you purchase. Therefore, take your time and invest correctly.