Interesting types of laboratory cabinets

  • Laboratories are a kind of factory or industry of science that are involved in scientific discoveries and remedies. In the hub of science, it is very difficult to manage and perform brainstorming experiments. Therefore, it is very important to keep things very organized and near to hand because of immediate use.

    A lab is a place where workers are busy throughout the day. It becomes very difficult for them to locate a particular chemical among various similar-looking chemical bottles. In such a condition when things are organized a bit and well-maintained, it makes the work proceed a lot faster. This is where the laboratory cabinets throw their charm and make the lab want for them. (Information source:

    Several materials contribute to the making of these commercial cabinets. The most commonly used among them is stainless steel because of its exquisite property of not getting much affected by heat and fire. There are other materials like plastic laminate, due to its varied color and durability. There is plywood and high-end wood and there are phenol resins too, which works so well to make industrial cabinets for laboratories.

    Various types of cabinets and counters are sold. They are listed below.

    Casework: These are built-in cabinets. They can be built anywhere keeping in mind the requirement of the lab use. These are made up of various materials, but more intricately the material that backs up all is stainless steel. They are mostly made up of stainless steel. They prefer to call in a cabinet within a cabinet. The interior and the exterior of the cabinets are completely welded well. They also provide adjustable shelves, and the inner area is polyethylene coated.

    Metal laboratory cabinets: These are cabinets made up of various metals. Stainless steel is the most convenient for making these cabinets because it is an alloy of nickel and chromium which gives the metal some fine properties. The first is its durability and the next is its resistance to heat, fire, dust, and rust. Lab cabinets are always open to moisture and fumes and heat and chemicals. For any other metal, it would be impossible to resist rust and tampering. This is why metal cabinets made up of stainless steel are preferred.

    Tall storage cabinets: Till now we had been talking about general cabinets found in labs, often used for storing daily chemicals. Have you ever thought about the chemicals that do not get to be used every day? These chemicals also need to be stored. For them, these tall metal cabinets are used. They have swinging metal doors. These have back panels that can be removed. The shelves can be adjusted according to requirements. These tall cabinets come with leveling feet.

    Stainless steel storage: These are also completely welded both, inside and outside. They are required to store supplies and chemicals for a long time. These do not have doors but have shelves for you. Here, the bottom panel can be removed. A constant that makes these stainless steel cabinets so popular is their leveling feet or casters. 

    Flame and chemical resistant cabinets: As mentioned earlier, stainless steel has a supreme property of being adjusted to in the direst of circumstance. Stainless steel helps you to store flammable materials. It has a steel frame construction, which can also be used as your footrest.

    These are some of the most interesting types of lab cabinets that you can look through if you want a properly organized laboratory that can make your work super easy and smooth. So, if you are looking forward to setting up something like this, you must choose stainless steel over any other metal. It serves you in the long run too.